Our core foundation is based on three guiding values:

Customer Service
Intelligent Building

We’re invested in creating great work our community because we live here too. We’re committed to building with efficiency and excellence because life’s too short to do bad work: small projects, challenging projects, work that other builders don’t want to tackle? That’s our specialty. 

We believe so much in our own homes that we live in them ourselves. Shoddy work isn’t good enough for our own kids, and it isn’t good enough for yours either. Being a big name doesn’t interest us as much as building your dream home quickly, efficiently, and with lots of heart. We don’t want to make your dream project come true; we want to make the project you didn’t even know how to imagine come true.

We’re small because it’s to your benefit: we’re agile, streamlined, and able to pivot quickly. Rather than falling into cookie-cutter design and experience, our priority is creating a custom experience that the big-box companies just can’t offer. Time and again, we’ve gone the extra mile to make our homes more comfortable and convenient. We have to: we live in them too. 



Dan Wachtler, a UW graduate with a degree in construction management, is thoughtful, methodical, and solution focused. While completing, a two year internship with Lease Crutcher Lewis, Dan gained valuable experience with large scale commercial construction, and put this skillset to use with stints in Zambia and Cambodia overseeing school construction projects. Dan has mastered a variety of modeling and technical drawing techniques, which allow him to bring WMO design visions to life and solve problems before they happen.

Dan and his wife love to travel, from local trips to Whidbey Island all the way to Peru. He’s an avid boater and fisherman (occasionally successful!) and seeks new adventures in every realm of life.



Andrew Marshall, a UW graduate with a degree in business and finance, excels at customer service and uses his visionary design eye to bring high-end aesthetics into every project. Formerly the operations manager for RW Anderson Homes, Andrew has extensive industry knowledge and brings efficient, personalized care to every project. Andrew keeps busy with his growing family, including his wife and three young kids. He likes to golf and experiment with the barbecue, and is passionate about Husky football and his hot pepper garden.



Aaron Olson, with extensive commercial construction background, sees an end goal and sprints straight toward it. His capacity to lead teams from design to move-in, from target-setting to budget management to completion, keeps WMO on track in every area. He has spent much of the past decade developing best practices for keeping construction projects lean and on track. He graduated from UW with a degree in construction management, and continues to teach there as an adjunct professor. Aaron spends his off-hours with his wife and adorable children. He can also be found often at the golf course or exploring the grandeur of the PNW mountains.