Proforma Development and Project Feasibility
o Our team actively develops holistic, collaborative proformas for residential, multi-family and commercial properties weekly. 

Project Feasibility
o Including 3D modeling applying topography, set backs, utilities and other potential encumbrances, as well as working with planning representatives to validate feasibility.

Design Assistance
o Our group has seen hundreds of homes from inception to final turnover, with deep focus on balancing design integrity standards with most efficient cost and schedule considerations.

Permit Review and Approval
o Our group is experienced in managing the design review process and committed to maintaining relationships, particularly in Kirkland and Bellevue, that will ensure the review process moves as swiftly as possible to approval.

WMO Builders Scope and Services

Preconstruction Estimate

▪ Expertise
o With over 30 years construction experience in a variety of styles within our company’s core leadership, our deep knowledge of construction ranges from individual homes to larger developments that more closely mimic midsized commercial projects.

▪ Budgeting and Cost Control
o Our construction budgets are adhered to closely throughout the life of every project. Any
change to the original plan is logged so we can carefully track the project from the beginning to end. 
o When needed, we invite subcontractor input to fully predict project scope. We are selective in our approach to avoid multiple rounds of pricing estimates. Additionally, we maintain a large database of most current cost information charts to accurately assess potential budgets.
o Costs are coded throughout the course of a project and tracked against final budget, allowing us to produce at any time a comprehensive line item budget report.

▪ Scheduling
o We utilize full Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules for our projects on a weekly basis at minimum. These schedules are mostly construction related tasks, but also include all project related milestones such as design deliverables, permit reviews, revisions, HOA document production, appraisal, etc.

▪ Quality Control
o Being proactive in the pursuit of quality is a top priority throughout construction, in order to clearly identify standards and avoid unnecessary future rework.
o We pride ourselves in having positive working relationships with our subcontractors involved in the building process, which deeply impacts the quality of the finished product.
o Throughout construction of a home we utilize a software called Smartsheet to keep an
updated punchlist of upcoming tasks and maintain clear communication with subcontractors. 

▪ Turnover and Warranty
o When turning over the home to the new owner, we organize all product information, keys, remotes, and other crucial information in one drawer in the home. 
o With the assistance of Cascade Builders Services, we include a new homeowner orientation to train them on how to use the systems in their home. 
o Being an ongoing resource is important to us as well, and we are happy to be that for new homeowners.
o We provide a 1 year warranty for all homes built. Extended equipment warranties are through those manufacturers. We utilize Cascade Building Services to manage annual warranty work for us.

Construction Estimate

▪ HOA Set-up
o We have driven the process on 10+ communities ranging from 3 lot air space condos to
multi-phase/multi-product type neighborhoods. We provide value by:

▪ Working with your attorneys to produce declaration docs and HOA Bylaws and a Public Offering Statement

▪ Manage any necessary disclosures

▪ Establish HOA budgets and dues

▪ When necessary, coordinate a reserve study

▪ Coordinate with realtors, your lender, the buyers lender and title company to execute the closing

▪ Facilitate HOA transition meeting and help the HOA set-up (insurance and utilities)

▪ Manage any ongoing performance or maintenance bonds with the city

Project Turnover and Closeout Estimates